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Cheap Van Insurance


Cheap Van Insurance  – What Is It and How to Find It


The best van insurance is always a cheap van insurance, but when it comes to determining the value of the policy and deciding whether the option in front of you is, indeed, cheap is a somewhat more complex issue.


What Is Cheap When It Comes to Insurance Policies?


Cheap in this case means that the policy you purchase for your van covers for everything you need coverage for and the premiums you need to pay fit into your budget indeed. You would think that the more coverage a policy offers, the more expensive it becomes, but this is not entirely true. The younger the vehicle, the longer the insurance period; the higher the van’s level of equipment and the more experienced the driver, the cheaper the insurance. Policy prices also differ based on the voluntary excess you are willing to pay – the higher the excess, the cheaper the policy, but you need to evaluate that option in terms of the accident risks you are faced with.

If you manage to define your priorities right, you will see that finding a cheap van insurance policy is not that difficult after all – there is a plethora of options out there, so you can surely find what works best for you.


Finding Cheap Insurance – a Difficult Task, but not Impossible


There are a lot of cheap van insurance policies available from numerous insurance companies and brokerages, so the most important thing to do before you even start browsing your possible options is to determine exactly what you want. Bear in mind that the cheapest options are not always the best – you may find a policy that costs you half the budget you allocated for insurances, but on the long run the policy might cost you more than you can afford for the simple reason that it does not provide you the right kind of coverage.

Insurance premiums and fees are calculated based on the duration the policy is for and on the age and level of equipment of the vehicle. The most expensive policy would probably be one taken out for only a few months, for a very old van that has no security devices, such as an alarm or tracking, and is driven by an inexperienced driver.

If you have a relatively new van in a good technical condition and equipped with alarms and other security devices, the price you will pay will probably be much more convenient than in the case of an old van without any security devices. In the latter case, it might be useful to consider fitting your van with an alarm and a tracker – it not only reduces your premium, but it is also a great investment into the protection of your property.

The other aspect you must evaluate before signing a contract for van insurance is area of coverage – determine whether you need the cargo of your van insured as well and whether you want coverage for repairs or only accidents. In short, make sure you establish your priorities because only that way you can be sure your van insurance is cheap indeed.


Cheap Van Insurance and the Factors Used by the Insurer to Calculate Premiums


If you own a van for personal purposes or you use the vehicle to carry out your business activity, you surely need to insure it, and you surely need cheap van insurance for it.

Insurance premiums are calculated based on different factors, but as a rule of thumb, the factor that weighs the most in these calculations is the level of risks the vehicle involves. Here are the most important aspects insurers evaluate:

  • The value of the vehicle – new vehicles value more in the eyes of the insurer than older vehicles, so the newer your car, the lower your insurance premium will be;
  • Possible damage and repair costs – age is what matters here again; the older the vehicle, the easier it gets damaged and the higher the costs of spare parts and repairs, so you will always pay a higher premium on an older vehicle;
  • Performance and top speed;
  • Level of security equipment – the more advanced the security system in your vehicle, the less likely it is to be stolen or vandalised, so the lower the risk it represents to your insurer, which translates into more convenient premiums.
  • The age and level of experience of the driver.

The Best Help to Find Cheap Van Insurance: Using Online Comparison Tools


The best way to find the most comprehensive cheap van insurance that suits all your requirements, including your budget, is to get help from online insurance policy comparison tools such as those provided by

There are a number of such tools available online – each of them will return results from a number of insurance brands and will display a number of possible options evaluated based on the same criteria. These tools are very easy to use – all you need to do is access the website they are on, fill out the simple and easy to use form on the site with the basic details of the vehicle you need insurance for and some details referring to your requirements.

When you have found the policy that suits your requirements, request a detailed quote from the particular insurer you have in mind because only by seeing what a specific quote includes can you find out whether the cheap van insurance in front of you is indeed what you are looking for.


Tips to Help You Find a Cheap Van Insurance Policy


Finding a cheap insurance policy that fits your budget and offers the right kind of coverage as well is certainly not easy, but if you do your homework and evaluate your options right it is not impossible either.

When it comes to insurance policies, the more coverage they offer, the more expensive they get, so it is very important to determine what you need, in fact. Here are a few aspects to consider:

  • If you own a very old van that holds very little value, but is very expensive to repair, you may want an insurance policy that covers for repairs in order to avoid having to pay the whole repair price;
  • Unless your vehicle is parked in a safe garage every night, it is a good idea to have theft and vandalism coverage included into your policy as well;
  • If your van carries valuable cargo, it is a good idea to insure the goods transported as well;
  • Some policies calculate premiums not only based on the insurance term, but also on the mileage the car is allowed to run during the insurance period, so always make sure you calculate the mileage carefully;

Getting a cheap van insurance policy is all about having what you want and nothing you don’t want – match your requirements to a budget, too and you will have a strong negotiation standpoint to get the best conditions from the insurer.